FC Batavia Soccer Club Academy Program Phoenix, AZ

FC Batavia is more than an elite soccer club.

Our focus is not only developing soccer players, but on quality human beings as well. Our core values of Team Work, Leadership, Respect, Commitment, Self-Discipline, Responsibility and Excellence transcend the game and extend to every aspect of a young adult’s life.

FC Batavia teaches Arizona youth, regardless of socio-economic background, how to succeed in life through the microcosm of and vehicle for life that is soccer.

We instill in our players, through our proven training methods and inspiring coaching style, essential life-long values like Team Work, Leadership, Respect, Commitment, Self-Discipline, and Excellence. We simultaneously develop them into the best soccer players they can become and prepare them for the collegiate and professional levels.

FC Batavia Soccer Club Scottsdale AZ


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