Youth Performance and Fitness Strength and Conditioning Training

Properly designed and supervised training program can help their young athletes train, compete, and reduce the likelihood of injury.

STRONG Youth Fitness has 2 East Valley locations in Chandler and Gilbert, AZ

STRONG Youth Fitness was born out of the desire to build and develop athletes by teaching the proper form, mechanics and discipline to prevent injury and develop stronger and higher performing athletes. STRONG Youth Fitness focuses on the movement patterns that athletes need to be effective in sports and functional fitness.

We categorize our training development into 5 categories:  

1. Speed & Agility 2. Power & Explosiveness 3. Form & Coordination 4. Strength & Conditioning 5. General (Functional) Fitness

Our coaches are former collegiate/pro athletes, certified personal trainers and certified athlete performance enhancement specialist.


Studies show that youth (ages 7 – 18) that exercise regularly and maintain active lifestyles develop stronger muscles and bones, perform better in school, make healthier eating choices and excel in sports. STRONG Youth Fitness is more than just a fitness studio. It’s a lifestyle, brand and community of athletes, their parents, coaches and staff that are committed to thriving on and off the field. We offer a variety of Group Programs, Personal Coaching and Camps at our conveniently located studios.

STRONG Youth Fitness Chandler, AZ


STRONG Youth Fitness Gilbert/Mesa, AZ